Driver's education which fits into your busy schedule. 
Come to Drive Time Driving Instruction for 
in-depth driver's education in an environment that makes learning fun with small class sizes. 

Our goal:
  • To provide the necessary education for teens and adults to become safe drivers - and to share some laughs along the way.

  • Free 24 hours in-person classroom instruction
  • 8 hours of in-car instruction
  • In-car instruction for online students 
  • $380 cash/check (+ 3% for credit/debit)

  • 6 hours​ of juvenile remedial (JDIP) class
  • $100 (+3% for credit/debit)

  • 4 hours in-car instruction
  • $250 cash/check (+ 3% for credit/debit)
 with classes in Findlay and Bluffton Ohio
Drive Time Driving Instruction, LLC

2469 S. Main Street 
January flex begins Jan. 19
Winter Sundays Only, 
    Jan. 26-March 1

546 N. Main Street
February flex begins Feb. 2
March flex begins March 1

For that 
new driver 
in your life.