As of July 1, 2017, per the State of Ohio, if you
  • are 18 years of age or older
  • have never had a driver's license and
  • fail the Ohio driver's test on the first attempt

Before you attempt the driving test a second time, you are​ required to complete an abbreviated adult driver's education program consisting of
  • Four hours of classroom instruction, which can be completed in a classroom or as an online course, and
  • Four hours of behind-the-wheel training with a licensed driving instructor or 24 hours of in-car training with a licensed driver over the age of 21.

​Options available at Drive Time
Classroom training 
  • Completed in one four-hour session
  • Scheduled on demand at a time convenient for both student and instructor
  • Held in Findlay classroom, 2469 S. Main St.
  • $67 ($65 cash/check)              

Behind-the-wheel instruction
  • Two 2-hour sessions
  • Beginning and ending at either the Findlay or Bluffton Drive Time classroom​
  • Scheduled conveniently for student and instructor
  • $226 ($220 cash/check)

Both classroom and behind-the-wheel instruction
  • Classroom must be completed before in-car instruction will be scheduled
  • $268 ($260 cash/check)

Fees must be paid in advance. 

Mail checks to Drive Time Driving Instruction, 2469 S. Main St., Findlay OH 45840 or pay over the phone by debit or credit. Leave a message if no one is in the office and we'll call back to get your card number.​

I want training, 
but haven't taken 
the driving test yet.
You may take the regular driver's ed program, 24 hours of classroom and 8 hours behind-the-wheel, or you may take the abbreviated adult classroom and/or behind-the-wheel.

However, if you would happen to fail your driving test you will be required to retake the abbreviated adult course, per the State of Ohio.
 with classes in Findlay and Bluffton, Ohio
Drive Time Driving Instruction