How we schedule in-car instruction
We will not guarantee a timeline for in-car instruction. Just be assured that we attempt to be fair to all Drive Time students. Our goal is to drive students shortly before they can test for their license (six months after earning their permit.) Unfortunately, that is not always possible depending on when a student is placed on the to-drive list, how many students are already on that list and our instructor's availability.

The student will receive a text to schedule in-car instruction at a time that works for both student and instructor. Scheduling is determined by

Permit date/second permit

Those with the earliest permit dates or are on their second permit will typically be scheduled first. On occasion, students with more recent permit dates will be moved up for efficiency's sake. If an instructor is driving someone from the top of the list from an area, another student from the same area may be scheduled on the same day even if he/she is not yet due to drive.

If there are multiple students with the same permit date, the student who took class first or, for online students, who returned the contract and payment first will typically be scheduled first.

We will contact you. There is no need for you to contact us to schedule in-car instruction.

Your student should have at least 35 hours of experience behind the wheel before driving with an instructor. 

If, in our instructor’s opinion, the student does not have a grasp of basic driving skills – backing, turning, acceleration, braking - any remaining drives will be cancelled to allow for the student to receive additional behind-the-wheel experience.

We only have eight hours with your student. They need to be comfortable handling a car to make the most of those eight hours. Our ultimate goal at Drive Time is not for our students to pass the driving test… but that they are safe on the road.