In-car instruction for online students
Drive Time provides the eight hours of required in-car instruction for students who choose to take the driver’s ed classroom training online. 

Upon registration for in-car instruction with Drive Time, a contract will be mailed which must be signed by both the student and parent. Your place on the ‘to-drive’ list will be set when we receive

Signed contract
A copy of your permit
Payment of $360 in cash or check ($371 credit/debit)

You will be contacted to schedule driving once we receive the following for our files

Certificate of enrollment 
  (received after completing two hours of online training)
Certificate of completion (received at the conclusion of the online training)

The office is open by appointment or by chance. It would be best to mail the information to:

Drive Time Driving Instruction
2469 S. Main St.
Findlay, OH 45840

You, the student, will be contacted by text to schedule in-car instruction at a time that works for both your and our instructors. We will not guarantee a timeline for in-car instruction. 

You should have at least 35 hours of experience behind the wheel before driving with an instructor. We only have eight hours in the car with you. You need to be comfortable handling a car to make the most of those eight hours. If you do not have 35 hours with a parent when contacted to drive, we will ask you to contact us when you do.

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