Checklist to your first license
At 15 years and 5 months of age, you are eligible to start your driver's ed classroom instruction. At Drive Time, we prefer that you have your permit, or get it shortly after starting class, so that you can immediately put into practice what you are learning in class.

At 15 years and 6 months of age, you are eligible to take your driver's permit test. This is a written test taken at the BMV. Prepare for this test by picking up, and studying, a booklet from the BMV.

Gain experience behind the wheel. Until age 16, you must drive with a licensed parent/guardian or driving instructor. After your 16th birthday, you may drive with any licensed adult, age 21 or older.

Before taking your driving test, students under the age of 18 must have:
  • 24 hours of driver's ed classroom instruction
  • 8 hours of in-car training with a licensed instructor
  • at least 50 hours of in-car experience. Your parent/guardian must sign an affidavit that you have gained this experience.
  • had your permit for at least six months, regardless of your age

Steps to your license at Drive Time
Register for driver's ed classroom in Findlay or Bluffton, or for in-car instruction only if you take the classroom instruction online.   

Classes are offered at least monthly in both Findlay and Bluffton. Six 4-hour sessions (for your required 24 hours of classroom) are scheduled to be convenient for teens.
  • Flex classroom: Only the first class is set ahead of time, always on a Sunday afternoon or evening. The remaining five sessions are scheduled with student input over the following two weeks. The goal is to avoid as many conflicts as possible.
  • Sundays Only: Sundays Only classes are offered in the fall, winter and spring. Sessions are held on six consecutive Sunday afternoons, skipping major holidays.
  • Get 'r Done: Daily classes allow students to complete their classroom training in one week. Get 'r Done is offered in June, July and August, and in late October/early November between fall and winter sports seasons.

Miss a class? Students with busy schedules are not penalized in any way for missing a class. You will be given a make-up date when the missed class session will be offered again, either in another location or the following month.

Gain experience behind the wheel. You should have at least 35 hours experience behind-the-wheel before you drive with an instructor so that we can make the most of our time together.​

Eight hours in-car instruction. As a student, you will be contacted to schedule your driving. Every effort will be made to complete your driving requirement before you are eligible to schedule your driving test. 

However this is NOT a GUARANTEE

Steps for online students
Register for online class. As a convenience, Drive Time has partnered with an online driver's ed provider.

Register for in-car instruction. When filling out the new teen driver instruction registration form, select "driving only - with online class" when selecting which class to attend.

A contract will be mailed which must be signed by both student and parent. Your place on the "to-drive" list will be set when we receive
  • your signed contract
  • a copy of your permit
  • payment of $380 cash/check (+3% for credit/debit)

You will not be contacted to schedule in-car instruction until we receive the original certificate of completion from the online provider.​

How we schedule in-car instruction >

A certificate of completion will be provided on the final day of driving. You will need this certificate in order to take your driving test at the BMV.

NOTE: While we have a very good record of students passing their driving test on the first try, (over 90 percent!) we offer no guarantee that you will pass the BMV test after taking driver's education training with Drive Time.

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